Recent Articles

My Experiences with Anti-Asian Racism

Anti-Asian sentiment has been increasing substantially over the past year; however, it's not breaking news to some of us. I would like to share part of my story.

New Site: Wayne Music Club

Redesigned the web site for the Wayne Music Club, the organization that supports the band programs at Wayne High School.

Automating Active Directory Tasks with PowerShell

When a project looks like it's going to involve a lot of repetition, I always try to find a way to make it easier on myself - usually with the power of scripting.

Internet Flashback: The Silicon Valley Outsider

20 years ago today, makeshift servers were put on the internet and a little web site built with tables, font tags, and a whole lot of snark appeared. And it changed... very little.

JavaScript and Friends Conference

My first developer conference was quite an experience. Here are the talks I attended & what I learned from them.

C# OOP Primer: Generics

Object-oriented programming can be a complex paradigm to learn for a beginner. I will try to explain how some of it works. In this article, we'll cover creating generic methods and classes.