May 2018 • CSS, Liquid Template Engine

Built upon the UserVoice SaaS platform, iSpark is a tool for internal employees to submit and vote on new ideas for potential adoption by the RELX Core Technology division.

I was a member of a 3-person project team, working in conjunction with another developer, to build the templates for the site.

This included:

  • Attended training with the vendor on the admin control panel as well as checkpoint meetings with the project lead.
  • Researching appropriate company branding guidelines & UserVoice templating documentation.
  • Building an HTML mock-up to present to team for consideration & chosen for the general design.
  • Building the templates using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and integrating with UserVoice's template variables/conditionals via their implementation of the Liquid engine.
  • Working in Photoshop to prepare branding and stock images.

iSpark Front Page iSpark Front Page

Adam Romig

I am a full-stack developer located in the American Midwest. I occassionally write about development, new things I've learned, and matters that are important to me. Feel free to contact me or find me on social media.