MMO Central Forums Awards


December 2012

From 2009 to 2012, I created monthly contest award graphics for MMO Central Forums. I took charge of designing the awards and creating .PSD templates for the next year's design. Below are a sample of the award graphics created.

COF July 2009 POF July 2009 POF Regatta 2009 POF November 2009
TTC November 2009 TTC December 2009 VMK December 2009 POF Armada 2010
CPF February 2010 CPF July 2010 TTC Talk Like A Pirate 2010 PHF December 2010
PHF December 2010 PHF Spring 2011 TTC June 2011 TTC October 2011
CPF December 2011 TTC February 2012 MCF December 2013 MCF Penguin Awareness Day 2015

Adam Romig

I am a full-stack developer located in the American Midwest. I occassionally write about development, new things I've learned, and matters that are important to me. Feel free to contact me or find me on social media.