About me

Hello! I am a full-stack developer located in Dayton, Ohio, with years of various programming experience. I enjoy making web sites, applications, and scripts to make my team's and customers' lives easier.

I began learning about programming from a young age, delicately typing BASIC and machine language code from Compute! magazines into my dad's Commodore 128. From there I was learning QBasic, Pascal, and C++ in my teen years. I started writing HTML in the late 90's and kept a broad interest in web development throughout my adult life.

I have an Associate's Degree of Applied Business from the University of Toledo, majoring in Programming & Software Development, but a good portion of my current web development knowledge is self-taught.

When I'm not coding, I am making other things. I enjoy cooking and baking cakes for birthdays, special occasions or just for fun. At times I also find myself using hand & power tools for on-the-job learning for home improvement projects or anything my wife can envision.

What I know

I have a range of skills that I have learned over my career, both out of necessity & curiousity:

  • Client-side: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/ES6+
  • Server-side: PHP, C#, and SQL
  • Operational: Web servers, database structure, & build tools (e.g. git, npm)
  • Scripting: Bash, PowerShell

I also come from a support background so customer service, troubleshooting issues, coordinating logistics, and finding solutions is second nature to me.

What I'm working on

At work, I have been building a metrics dashboard page for the asset management app I built & still maintain. About twice a year I always had to do some custom querying into its database to provide metrics to management. With this dashboard, we can get an instant view into how we're progressing into the current year, as well as past years' data.

I am currently learning about Vue.js and I am finding that its implementation of a front-end framework meshes very well with how I have developed web applications in the past. Sites like Vue Mastery and developing this very site have given me a lot of practice in working with Vue and component-based structure.

This Site

This site is built with Vue.js and Gridsome, hosted on Netlify. The main font is Open Sans and any icons used are from Font Awesome. A full write-up on its creation can be found in an article here. The source code is available to look at on Github.

Contacting me

Feel free to follow me at the social sites below or send me an email.